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October 10, 2023

The number 1 fastfood burger in Sweden. (And the last).

Calling our food ”fast” food is actually quite strange. It took us over a year just to find the right meat and in the end, it came from a farmer who never intended to be a meat supplier. Unlike most others, we use meat from animals that have a different purpose throughout their lives - dairy cows from Swedish farmers. And that’s where we find most of our suppliers and partners - on the Swedish farmland. So opening up shop at Arlanda makes perfect sense. A version of the name Arlanda was first mentioned in a 1316 document - Provincia Aarland. It means something like ”The Farmland Province”.

But there are other reasons Arlanda is a dream come through for us. From this place, journeys begin, and starting here people have pursued dreams and plans since 1962. We are beyond proud of being the first fastfood restaurant at the new Arlanda Terminal 5. And being the first fast food burger served in Sweden (or the last depending on if you’re leaving or arriving) - is an honor.

Arlanda - A runway for dreams, built on farmland.

We love fast food. Especially burgers. We are naive enough to believe most people do. Fast food is easy, it’s tasty and it’s kind of fun. Like an everyday treat on your way from one place to another. But standing in the way of this love is a common belief that fast food is junk food. And in most cases, it is.

We’re in business to redefine fast food, from junk food to good food prepared fast. We strive to contribute to a more healthy way of producing and eating fast food, that is better for you, the environment, the farmers, and the animals. Less junk - more (and a lot better) taste.

Thanks for being part of our journey, we hope to be a small but tasty part of yours!

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